Perfect Image Essay: The Ideal Image Of Society

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The ideal image of society has changed how women live their lives. Most women no longer feel beautiful in their own skin. The majority of women feel the need to put on make up because they think they wont look pretty if they don’t. Some also think they need to be a certain weight or no man will ever love or marry them. The thoughts of having to be someone your not, to be accepted by society, is horrifying. Who even created this perfect ideal image of a woman anyway? Women are ideally supposed to have a full-size chest, small frame, long hair, white teeth, light eyes, and so on. The ideal image is to make every look like Barbie, instead of a unique individual. With all these expectations whirling around in a girl’s head, it can make her feel…show more content…
At her college, she belonged to a sorority. Of course, the sorority she belonged was known to have the prettiest and most put together young woman. During her years of being in a sorority she felt the pressures of having to look perfect at any given moment. It was hard watching her be apart of a group that was supposed to be about embracing women and the sisterhood, not about putting your self in harm to look like another persons standards. At work, she would go to the bathroom numerous of times during a shift and for long periods of time. Then, when she would return back to work, she would have red puffy eyes and then ask if anyone had gum. The way she would walk out of the bathroom was in a nonchalant way, as if this sort of thin was the norm. She failed to realize, however, her hair was slowly becoming brittle and no longer growing like it used to. Another thing she was missing was her once white and straight teeth began to turn a yellow muck tone. Society is adding a great deal of weight to these women, and while they are trying to fit in, they are decreasing their health and…show more content…
I work extra hard to eat properly and stay fit. I prepare healthy foods in the beginning of the week and try my best to not cheat or have an unhealthy snack. If I don’t go to the gym six out of the seven days of the week, I feel guilty. I feel as if I am letting my body down and I will gain weight. New exercises, and detoxes are constantly being changed up to stay a certain size, but somehow I still don’t feel the best I can be. My mom tells me often that there is no reason to be worried about my weight because I am thin and there’s no need to feel bad about my self. If this is true, how come whenever I get changed I can’t even look at my self in the mirror? Hopefully, one day, I’ll grow out of the negative ways I view myself, but this isn’t what I just go through alone, its what most girls my age go

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