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Approximately two billion people in the world speak English, a beautiful idiom that when used in the correct fashion is able to convey your exact thoughts or pictures into somebody else 's mind. This is a beautiful skill we have of manipulating sound waves to affect someone mentally, physically, and emotionally. With this invisible force we are able to control people 's feelings, make them sad, joyful, hysterical, angered, even excited. Yet are we using this power of ours effectively? How do you even use such a powerful skill effectively?

Effectiveness, the ability for something to be doing its job well. For language this means getting an idea from one person’s head to another’s. As Fry says in his article “language”, “This is all very well,
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Because we all do it in everyday speech. In the same way, having a character answer a question with “It is I” rather than the incorrect, “It’s me” would sound ridiculous.” (Cherry 2) It is just fine to not have perfect grammar due to the fact that we, as humans, do not have perfect grammar in our “everyday speech”. Sure we could write in perfect grammar, but it would not be as effective as using common language. People know and understand certain levels of language and to use a level that sounds foreign to them would cause them to lose interest or clarity rather than gain it. Just how people prefer to read a book that they can understand, follow, and enjoy over a book that they struggle to comprehend. Using words in a way that sounds normal to them will actually increase the comprehension of the presented ideas, thus increasing…show more content…
Rather than using “Phrases tacked together like the sections of a prefabricated hen-house”(Orwell 9) the writer uses “words chosen for the sake of their meaning.”(Orwell 9) Instead of using phrases that are general purpose, one would be using words that display the exact meaning of the projected idea. This means that the author would be using words that are not overused, while still writing in common language. When this idea of “Picking out words for the sake of their meaning and inventing images in order to make the meaning clearer”(Orwell 20) becomes common practice people will not only know what you mean, but will be able to admire the mere “sound sex of it”(Fry
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