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The focal character throughout the film is Percy Jackson. The story follows his path as well as his determination in finding his mother. Willing to, literally, go to hell and back in order to secure her safety. The ways in which he approaches these problems is in a linear fashion, systematically, completing one task at a time in order to accomplish his goal. Having read the book as a child, I feel as though key, character developing movements were ignored, and that the move portrayal of Percy was bland. The movie itself takes on a narrative structure throughout the film, which contains a plot, theme and resolution. The setup or the beginning of the movie is where all of the main characters and the awareness of basic situations are introduced. Examples are such as Percy trying to find his mother along with the controversy between Poseidon and Zeus. The setup, at a primary level explores the character's backgrounds and personalities. The awareness of a conflict is also introduced, which is what initiates the story in the first place. The narrative flow continues throughout the bulk of the conflict. This is the part of the film where the characters tend to go through major changes in their lives as a result of what is happening; this is sometimes referred to as the times in which characters develop. For example throughout the conflicts of the movie, Percy learns more about what it is like to be a half-blood. Percy learns that in order to find his mother he must acquire pearls before he starts his venture to the underworld. He is given a supernatural map leading the protagonists from one hidden pearl to the next which turns the adventure into a country wide road trip. All of which is an attempt to create some plausible structure of ... ... middle of paper ... ...a, with medusa looking upon her reflection in a shield that caused her down fall, in this movie she sees her reflection on the back of a cell phone. In Homer's epic The Odyssey, winds blew Odysseus and his crew to the land of the Lotus Eaters, who fed his crew flowers that made them never, want to leave. Odysseus had to drag them back to the ship in order to secure their safety. In Percy Jackson, Percy and his friends enter the Lotus Casino in Las Vegas. There, the hostesses feed them flowers that give the kids such elation they never want to leave. That is until Percy figures out what is happening to the people who stay, with a little help from his father. Over the entire movie could have been better. Although that could be personal biased from having had read the book. Power is shown as fluid and ever changing. As well as the narrative flow was fairly simplistic.

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