Perceptions on the Use of Lethal Force

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In society today we see and hear a lot about the use of lethal force. Law Enforcement and the public perceive the use of lethal force in many different ways. Sometimes these opinions cause chaos within society and law enforcement agencies. In this paper there will be an analysis of how perceptions on the use of lethal force varies between the public and law enforcement agencies whether it be local, state, or government agencies.
To start off, what exactly is considered lethal force in todays society? “Lethal force can be defined as the use of physical force, used under certain circumstances. The use of physical force can cause death or seriously injure the person. The only way to justify the use of lethal force would be if there was a threat of death, causing of bodily harm, and or the harming of an innocent bystander. Lethal force is usually seen as illegal unless it fits into the strict categories which were previously listed.”(Bohrer, 2010)
The use of lethal force is not limited to the examples above, but also includes: “firing a firearm in the direction of the person to be arrested, even though no intent exists to kill or inflict great bodily harm.” (Statutes & Constitution) Lethal for can also be categorized as shooting at a car in which the suspect is in. A law enforcement officer firing a gun that is loaded with less-lethal ammunition such as ammunition that is meant to stun and or to make them feel uncomfortable can also be considered lethal force.
Law enforcement trainings are based on two key elements, criticality and frequency. These are skills that an officers needs to know to be able to perform there daily duties. These two key elements are how often will they be used and how crucial is it to use them...

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