Perception Vs Perspectivism

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Perspectivism Perspectivism is the philosophical position whereby an individual accesses the world through reason, perception, and experience. Perception refers to how we view the world. Perception refers to how we view the world. Perception, therefore, is the ability that we have as individuals to see and become aware of the things that are around us though our senses. By identifying, organizing and interpreting sensory information to enable us to understand what is in our environment is seen as our ability to perceive. The study of human knowledge with a keen interest in the conditions of the validity in finding answers is often referred to as philosophy The Greeks express philosophy as the love of knowledge. As opposed to sciences such…show more content…
Other aspects of an object that do not change include the shape consistency and color consistency. Perception is further categorized into two including interoception and exteroception. Interoception explains more on what is going on inside our bodies while exteroception, on the other hand, tells us about the world outside our bodies. Our senses, which consist of sight, touch, smell, taste and hearing often enable us to interpret the world around…show more content…
He changed the query of knowledge of questions that were of value. The interpretation was, therefore, described as a value perspective to an interpreter. He described the world to having countless meanings which were generated from interpretations. These interpretations, on the other hand, were as a result of diverse perspectives. He rejected Objectivism which was defined by having a singular truth. His perspectivism was not based on cultural relativism but the other hand it was accepted as the validity of multiple

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