Perception Sensation And Perception

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When it comes to the way a person detects and perceives information, sensation and perception are the concepts that are being referred to. Although sensation and perception are two different concepts, they both are connected to each other. Many people are unaware of the ways the mind can accumulate information and they just assume that the mind functions because that is what it expected to do. As sensation and perception play a significant part in the way the mind accumulates information, there are also other valuable aspects of the process. The mind obtains information by hearing, tasting, seeing, smelling, and touching different things and develops it to transmit it into everyday life. Sensation occurs when sensory information is being…show more content…
As people relate to different things using their senses, multiple sensations are sent to brain. As these numerous amounts of sensations are sent to the brain, the way they are going to be perceived remains unknown. How will something a person may have seen, heard, touch, tasted or even smelled later affect their actions? The way things are interpreted are not always going to end up as being something positive. For example, a person may have witnessed something they disagreed with or seen something that went against what they believed in and starts to have negative behavior as a protective instinct. People visions obtain images other may not be able to see with their own eyes, causing them “to create bi-polar dimensions, like ‘warm vs. cold,’ or ‘good vs. bad’ as tools for making meaning of experience and anticipating future events” (McWilliams, p. 154) . A research has been completed to show how behavior changes throughout travel, due to sensation and perception According to the research, “the concept of perceived risk was introduced to the discipline of consumer behavior” (Walters, p. 544) . These risks later became categorized as psychological risk, physical risk, and performance risk. The sensational impacts on the risk caused some tourist to question whether they should travel or not. Some tourists were very eager to travel and others were hesitant and needed more information before they continued the process. Their vision allowed them to see the task ahead of them, which caused everyone to see the risk and have a different impact. Everyone’s behavior will never be completely the same. People senses level are not all equal, so the way their sensations are perceived will always be original that
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