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Written Assignment Unit 4
People’s perception and attributions influence the way they behave. Perception explains the way people, organize, and interpret their sensory impressions in order to be in an environment. Peoples’ behaviors are based on their perception of what reality is, and not in the reality itself. Factors that influence perception are factors in the perceiver, factors in the situation and factors in the target. Factors in the perceiver are attitudes, motives, interest, experience and expectations. Each of us has his/her own expectation in judgment. That is why someone can form different impression of the same person with the same behavior.
Attribution theory try to explain why people do what they do and what determine the cause
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These are often wrong. People often have systematic biases, and make incorrect attributions. In this case I understood that my attributional type was internal (due to personal factors such as traits, feeling etc.) and unstable (are expected to change over time). I was attributed her as a person according to my personality, motives, and beliefs. I understood that she has nothing toward me but I expected that single women in this age have certain emotions and motivation. But when I met her I realized that she was lovely, very kind, very interesting, athletics, and she is single because she really wanted…show more content…
The bias happens in two ways, first when we have strong personal attributions and second when we tend to make more personal attribution about the behavior of the others people. Also there is a term the fundamental attribution error who refers when we overestimate the role of personal factors and when we don’t take care of the impact of situations. This error is related and with the correspondence bias, when for instance we attribute behaviors to people’s behaviors without to know the factor motivating the behavior. Sometimes we know about the circumstances but we overlook them and instead we are guessing that this person always acts this way. It is important to know our biases so we can start to correct

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