Perception And Perception

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Perceptions influence all areas of our lives, establish what we listen to and are learned at an early stage. Through these experiences, this molds how we act and feel, ultimately affecting how we communicate with others. As Brownell (2013) discusses, our listening is selective and our perceptual worlds are very different from each other due to past incidents. Overall, these perceptions determine how we listen, hear, react, and thus interact in the world around us.
Brownell (2013) discusses that it is important for each person to make an effort to understand and appreciate the values of others. To demonstrate this, my perception of music has drastically changed throughout time. I enjoy country music and my boyfriend enjoys classic rock, but it is important that I venture out, become inquisitive and ask questions about his music interests, becoming a scopic listener. For years I did not care to listen to classic rock music; I always believed that I would not enjoy it, that it was for an older crowd and I wouldn’t enjoy it. I then began dating my boyfriend, who is a few years older than me and my mind was now open to listening to classic rock because I was spending more time with him. My perception was changing and I began to enjoy this kind of music.
Next, perception affects listening in the way people differentiate things that are being said to how they hear and understand it. Poor listening also leads to errors and misunderstandings. Brownell (2013) states that individuals rely so greatly on preconceived notions that they fail to be conscientious or to hear what is really going on. An example of perception affecting my listening is the tone of voice one of presenters at my weekly meetings I attend. Her tone is e...

... middle of paper ... to me to tell me that she was leaving her career here at the bank to pursue another avenue, nursing, which she was extremely passionate about. At first I was about to jump to conclusions because she is very successful at what she does and I would not have made the choice for myself or her, but I am not her and I can’t assume her perceptions are consistent with mine. I think she may have been surprised when I said that she is a very smart, capable adult and if this is best decision for her and her family, then go for it. Her job here isn’t going anywhere, so she always has this to fall back on and I’ll always be happy to be a reference for her. I wanted to make it clear that I did not in any way perceive her as irresponsible or immature or uncommitted and I listened and heard anything and everything she was saying to me.
Overall, there are many factors that
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