Pepsi's Crisis: One Of The Global Crisis

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857 words

Kelsee Kessel 10/26/17

In the summer of 1993, the ever so popular Pepsi Company faced one of their hugest crises till this day. The crisis in question was brought by allegations from consumers who had claimed to find syringes and other foreign objects in their Pepsi products. However, more notable that these outrageous claims may have been the way Pepsi’s team dealt with the chaos making this a great example of crisis management. It all started when an elderly couple in Tacoma, Washington claimed to have found a syringe in their diet Pepsi. They quickly called their lawyer who then of course promptly altered the police, local health officials and the press. Then another similar report by a woman in just ten miles away in Federal Way, Washington surfaced! That’s when the flood …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how pepsi faced one of their biggest crises in 1993, when consumers claimed to find foreign objects in their products. their team dealt with the chaos, making this a great example of crisis management.
  • Narrates how a couple in tacoma, washington claimed to have found syringes in their diet pepsi. then dozens of reports began pouring in.
  • Explains that pepsi was considering a voluntary recall but decided to side with the fda that there was no need.
  • Explains that the first initial reports were from the same bottler facility in washington. they visited that plant and many others and came to their own conculsion that these objects must have been placed in the product after opening.
  • Explains how pepsi decided to identify who would be speaking out to the public as a spokesperson for these incidents.
  • Analyzes how pepsi's final statement was a great one. it didn't blame the accusers but explained their own innocence.
  • Opines that pepsi's execution of this crisis was satisfactory, but it wasn't perfect. they gathered a knowledgeable team who worked effectively together and individually to deliver their counter.

A surveillance camera in a supermarket in Aurora, Colorado captured one of the accusers inserting a syringe into a can of Diet Pepsi. The company then got a copy of the tape and decided to include in with their news/ press releases. This tape would help them greatly. Finally, the cherry on top came for Pepsi as BBDO Worldwide, had printed their ad that stated "Pepsi is pleased to announce.... nothing. As America now knows, those stories about Diet Pepsi were a hoax. Hundreds of investigators have found no evidence to support a single claim” and finished by thanking Pepsi’s loyal buyers. This can be seen as their final statement, and it was a great one at that. It ran in dozens of newspapers including USA today and the New York times and left the audience with a good message. That they are not sorry because they did not do anything wrong, but they will always have love for anyone who buys their products. Note that their statement did not put blame on the accusers but rather explained their own

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