Pepsi Marketing Strategy

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Pepsi Elements of Marketing
PepsiCo is the second largest nation wide food and beverage industry in the world. This company has twenty-two brand names that collectively bring in billions of annually funding from retails. Their main focus is to produce pleasingly food and beverage within the company that are valued to household names throughout the world. The marketing strategy and mix both are connected to target marketing focusing on the company needs and wants in a large group setting. According to Young’s study, “PepsiCo’s marketing mix has evolved over time, especially because of the effects of mergers and acquisitions. The marketing mix or 4Ps is the combination of strategies and tactics that the firm uses to implement
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It remains valuable and internationally successful in this portion. The element of Pepsi marketing strategy is to stop buyers from purchasing their products when it is only on sale. The marketing mixes identify the products that are offered to consumers. Advertising helps the company gain more consumers and money; such as using celebrities as a marketing target and endorsing them with an agreeable salary to continue to advertise their products. Pepsi promotes their sales by present packages deals and discounts to different stores are another mix marketing strategy. Direct marketing is another strategy that Pepsi uses their products as wholesale prices for different venues to introduce new foodstuffs. Public relations are vital using sports events in this company help provides economic support and sponsorships. These four elements of mix marketing stipulates that advertising, promoting, direct marketing and public relations are the main focus for this corporation to correspond with targeting consumers and endorse their…show more content…
However, these brand products focus on the younger generation rather than the older generation. Promoting high protein nutritional energy products brings attention to younger adults. Endorsing the most popular celebrities to promote their business helps the profits of their products. Pepsi offers more brand names product other than Coco-cola. The companies marketing strategy are targeting the right generation, but their main focal point is persuading consumers to purchase their products
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