Peplau's Theory Of Interpersonal Relationships In Nursing

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As the world evolves and changes, healthcare changes with it. It is a never ending cycle. Peplau’s theory of interpersonal relations describes the stages of how to develop a relationship between a patient as a nurse (Peplau, 1997). To develop a relationship with the patient there are many characteristics that need to be included. As a nurse, they can make a big impact on their patient and make a big difference in their life so it is important that a nurse establishes critical values of the patient.
Theory of Interpersonal Relationships An interpersonal relationship with a patient improves the patient’s overall experience. To achieve this relationship, there must be an open and honest line of communication with one another. A nurse must exhibit
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When describing what this is the most important word is “professional”. When having an interpersonal relationship with a patient there is a fine line between professional and nonprofessional. It is imperative as a nurse to keep their distance for not only their own sake but for the sake of the patient. It may be easy to get caught up in a patient’s life since as a nurse their job is to care for them but there must be boundaries to ensure a safe and professional relationship. Empathy can be shown through having an interpersonal relationship by therapeutic communication which the individual (Richardson, Percy, & Hughes, 2015). Shared decision making is very important for both the patient and the nurse. For the nurse, it ensures that lawsuits will not be filed and for the patient, it allows for autonomy. Professional interpersonal relationships can be achieved by showing empathy, establishing professional boundaries, and ensuring shared decision…show more content…
When a nurse walks into a patient’s room that is usually the first time the nurse is having a conversation with that individual. They are a complete stranger and must open up about some very personal issues. It is imperative for them to feel comfortable and open to the nurse since the nurse is probably the best resource and educator to the patient. Allowing the patient to ask questions and actively listening shows the patient that they truly do care. Some patients might get the worst nurses ever and as a nurse they are there in the midst of that and they have to instill faith and hope in that patient through counseling. Implicating all these roles is a nurse’s job and not only that but patients look up to them as superheroes or leaders. As a leader, they must ensure safety to their patient, attentiveness, and
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