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475 words

In New York on december 22 1984 inside of a subway system, Mr bernhard goetz shot four teens. He thought that he was going to get robbed so he shot them. He shot five shots all of them hitting and nobody was killed. Mr Goetz was not charged, but i think other wise. I believe he is guilty. One reason I think he is guilty is that his response was not in proportion to the threat. According to the court documents of People v Goetz, it states that 1 or 2 youths asked for 5 dollars and then Goetz shot them. The teens did not show any weapons and he still shot them. Also, only 1 or 2 of the teens approached Mr. goetz. He shot all four of them. The teens did not even threaten him. He just shot them on the spot. Another reason i believe he is guilty is that he didn't try to retreat. Before he shot them, he was supposed to try and run away or ask for help. He did not try to do any of that. Not run or ask for help. He just went straight to violence. By law, you have to do these things before you go into violence. …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Opines that bernhard goetz shot four teens inside of a subway system in new york on december 22 1984.
  • Explains that goetz's response was not proportional to the threat. the teens did not show weapons and he shot them on the spot.
  • Opines that the man is guilty because he didn't try to retreat or ask for help before shooting them. he went straight to violence.
  • Analyzes how goetz continued to harm the teens after he shot. he also shot two kids that were not involved.
  • Opines that mr. goetz was trying to act in self-defence. he had been robbed before so, he was very cautious of what
  • Concludes that mr goetz's actions were not right. he should not have done what he did that day on the subway.

He also shot two kids that were not involved. He shot all four youths and even on of them twice. That means after everything had stopped, Goetz kept going. He even said himself, “ If I had more bullets, I would have shot again and again…” He would have tried to kill them if he had a chance. He wanted to make them suffer. The kid he shot twice got shot in the arm and the spine. That could have really messed him

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