People Keeping Pit-bulls as Pets

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Did you know that Pit bulls and Rottweiler’s together are accounted for 84 percent of fatal attacks in 2011? This is why people shouldn’t be allowed to keep Pit bulls as pets. Statistics have shown that Pit bulls are one of the two most lethal dogs in the United States. This is why it’s not in my favor to house such a dangerous dog. There are various reasons why I’m against pit bulls being as pets and those are the Dangerous Dog Act of 1991, dog fighting, and the possible harm these dangerous dogs cause to the community.
According to the Dangerous Dog Act of 1991 the number of dog attacks from Pit bulls and Rottweilers in the United Kingdom increased so much that this act was put into place. Some people actually refer to this act as the “Pit Bull Law” because of the number attacks these dogs have caused. The Dangerous Dog Act states that there are strict requirements for any dogs that are listed under the Dangerous Dog Act. These requirements are having the dog muzzled, they also need to be on a leash, and having the dog micro-chipped while being in public. In this act it also states that there is a ban on these dangerous dogs in the city limits. It is a criminal offense to allow the dog to be dangerously out of control out in public. My opinion is that if your dog is that aggressive then it shouldn’t even be out in the public in the first place. By bringing your dangerous dog out into the public you aren’t just putting yourself at risk, but you’re also putting other people’s lives or even pets’ lives in danger. This act has put a ban on buying and selling these breeds if the requirements are not met. The Dangerous Dog Act has put a halt on the number of killings these dogs have committed.
Dog fighting started in the late 1830s...

... middle of paper ... get a little bit more understanding on why these dangerous dogs shouldn’t be pets. I wouldn’t want anyone to become the next victim in one of these possible fatal attacks.

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