Pentecostalism In Rock And Roll Essay

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Most people have many preconceptions about what influenced the popular genre of Rock and Roll. Many think that Rock and Roll was heavily influenced by either Jazz or Blues music, but there are a few scholars who disagree with this thought. Writer Craig Mosher argues the point that pentecostalism was the biggest influence on Rock and Roll. Not only does Mosher think that pentecostalism was the heaviest influence on Rock and Roll, but Randall Stephens also attests that pentecostalism had a large influence on Rock and Roll. However, Stephens takes a much different approach than Mosher by using specific examples, telling the historical background of pentecostalism, and finally gives the church background of famous rockers. Another view on what influenced Rock and Roll is voiced by Michael Allen. Allen states that Blues, R&B, Country and a flare of Gospel music all eclectically influenced Rock and Roll. Allen gives specific examples and talks about the historical context and importance of Rock and Roll. Out of all three authors Mosher most effectively supports his central argument of how pentecostalism was a huge influence on rock and roll. Mosher openly starts off the argument by stating what other people think about the influence “church music” had on Rock and Roll. He begins with what is known about the relationship…show more content…
How he shows pentecostalism in different genres and different artists shows how spread and influential pentecostalism has been and how much pentecostalism has helped shaped our music today (Mosher 109-110). Unlike Mosher, Stephens just discusses how pentecostalism shaped Rock and Roll in the fifties and sixties, not how pentecostalism has translated over to passing decades and genres, which takes away from his argument (Stephens

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