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SCHOOL OF BUSINESS INNOVATION AND TECHNOPRENEURSHIP UNIVERSITY MALAYSIA PERLIS (UniMAP) Semester and Academic Session 2013/2014 BFT 325 Logistics Management Penske Corporation Group member’s name Matrix Number CHOONG CHIN FEI 111242044 GROUP: 22 A TITLE: Penske Corporation LECTURER”S NAME: Mr. Hussen Bin Nasir SUBMISSION DATE: 23 May 2014 For this topic, we have some important point need to mention about. Firstly, we would like to discuss how the Penske Corporation locate their facility. Secondly, is about the factors influencing the facility location. Thirdly, we would like to talk about how the Penske design the warehouse to their customers. Fourthly, is the way to find out the lowest-cost location. Lastly, we also will discuss about the important of facility relocation and facility closing. Facility location For our point of view, facility location means the corporation chooses the best location to locate or build their facility to serve their customers. Before chooses the best location, the corporation needs to do a lot of analysis and screening the external environment before build their facility over there. As we know that Penske Corporation established at 1969 and headquarters in Bloomfield, Michigan, US and this places is classify as a big city and many big industry developed over there. The top management of Penske Logistics planed wisely before build the facility in that area. Consequently, many of the customers come and request the corporation to transport the... ... middle of paper ... ...ow Do I turn "Better" Into "Best"? (2014, January 14). Retrieved April 9, 2014, from Penske: How is Warehousing Utilization Impacting Your Business? (2014, January 14). Retrieved April 9, 2014, from Penske : Looking for Global Reach, Local Know-How? (2014, January 14). Retrieved April 9, 2014, from Penske: Penske Corporation. (2014, January 25). Retrieved April 9, 2014, from Wikipedia: Choong Chin Fei • Facility location • Design a warehouse • Facility relocation and facility closing • Reference Ifti • factors influencing the facility location. • way to find out the lowest-cost location • map n table is Ifti’s finding

In this essay, the author

  • Describes the important points that need to be discussed for this topic, such as how the penske corporation locates their facility, the factors influencing the facility location, and the way to find the lowest-cost location.
  • Explains penske logistics brings you the latest technology and best practices to optimize your warehousing and distribution systems, giving you unparalleled operational flexibility and enhanced distribution control so you can better serve your customers.
  • Analyzes how penske decided to spread their network across the united states but also put prime concern to some special state. they consider california, florida, illinois, ohio, pennsylvania and texas as priority zones.
  • Explains penske's rigorous service, powerful systems, and quality assurance controls your costs and protects the value of the vehicle through its lifetime.
  • Explains that we maintain trucks in facilities equipped with the latest technology and staffed by committed service technicians.
  • Explains that fast, state-of-the-art collision repair and refurbishment centers keep you up and running and your image intact.
  • Explains our cross-dock operations consolidate and ship your materials immediately so they don't waste time—and money—sitting on shelves. we sequence the in- and outflow of commodities with manufacturing schedules, manage containers and take care of packaging and repackaging so you can focus on production.
  • Explains that penske logistics is committed to solving your company's warehousing challenges, from selecting and analyzing locations for your facilities to integrating them into your supply chain.
  • Explains penske's state-of-the-art warehouse engineering can improve every procedure, from receiving to inventory management to returnable container programs.
  • Explains penske logistics' value-added services include pick and pack, cross docking, and mixing center solutions that speed the movement of materials to your customers.
  • Explains that the eastern part of the united states is more popular for living and building career among youth generations.
  • Explains that penske's movement can clear one thing, identified region are less costly location for their business. it indicates there is potential market of that products or services.
  • Explains that facility relocation can help the corporation save in terms of cost, provide better service, and compete with the competitors in the competitive markets.
  • Explains that when the top management of penske corporation moves the existing facility to the other place, facility closing occurs.
  • Explains that facility location means the corporation chooses the best location to locate or build their facility to serve their customers.
  • Explains that penske logistics has extensive experience establishing operations in new territories and a proven ability to transfer knowledge across geographies and cultures.
  • Explains that penske logistics focuses on doing whatever it takes to meet your needs, from management of your suppliers to finished product delivery.
  • Explains that penske logistics is a transportation company that helps the customers to move their product to final destination so that they can focus on production. they also implement the latest technology to enhance customer warehousing and distribution system.
  • Explains that penske uses grid systems to find best facility location for its new business expansion. they use center-of-gravity approach while they locate a single facility to minimize the distance with existing facilities.
  • Explains how a multi-national company can work as one enterprise.
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