Penological Concepts Of Incarceration

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According to the prior summarized research, the origin of the supermax facility is established. It is identified that these facilities were necessary to create order among inmates in the general prison population. Differing characteristics of inmates can potentially create havoc and chaos in prison environments. Although there are inmates who request placement in supermax facilities, inmates who do not choose to be housed in these facilities demonstrate certain constant factors seen among the population in supermax facilities. It is understandable that gang affiliation, mental illness, and specialized needs for protective custody lead to placement in supermax facilities due to the protection of correctional officers and staff, along with the…show more content…
The goals of incarceration according to penological principles are incapacitation, rehabilitation, retribution, and deterrence. When exploring the outcomes of a time served in a supermax facility, rehabilitation can be immediately ruled out. Supermax facilities have been said to be potentially damaging to an inmate’s mental health and inflict irrational emotions of rage and lead an individual to lose touch with reality (Haney, 2003). Incapacitation is achieved through the incarceration of inmates in supermax facilities. Inmates are removed from society, preventing future crime. Incapacitation is achieved through all forms of incarceration, not just incarceration in supermax facilities. Deterrence is a heavily debated aspect. From a study done in 2005 by Roy King, the interviews of 42 supermax inmates had interesting findings in terms of deterrence. King’s findings suggested that some inmates spend their sentence in supermax reflecting on the wrongfulness of their actions. Inmates have stated that placement in these facilities have allowed them to release themselves from harmful influences of other problematic stressors and exercise self-control (King, 2005). Lastly, retribution.…show more content…
To affectively combat the negative connotations of the supermax facilities, a reform is necessary. Total confinement in supermax facilities has lasting negative effects on inmates and can potentially produce worse individuals for society. Segregation among dangerous inmates and the general prison population should be sought after, although total confinement is not the answer. Inmates that are classified as ‘the worst of the worst’ should be administered into programs of rehabilitation, especially focusing on good morale and principles of ethics. Instead, these inmates are stripped of these trainings and dehumanized. Rehabilitation is one of the goals that is not achieved through incarceration of supermax facilities. Rehabilitation should be the main priority for the routine of supermax facilities, as practicing ways to be an effective and beneficial member of society should repeatedly be
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