Penicillin Essay

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Antibiotics are and have always been some of the key contributing factors in the medicinal industry. By preserving public health and curing diseases by killing bacteria, antibiotics are critical to society’s health. However, the amount of antibiotic resistant bacteria is rapidly rising, and the rate of antibiotic discovery can never hope to keep up with the growth of these super bacteria. Fortunately, there are many methods to discover new antibiotics that have the potential to deal with antibiotic resistant bacteria.
Antibiotics have always been some of the key contributing factors in the medicinal industry. An example of past antibiotics that greatly contributed to medicine is Penicillin. Penicillin was created in the late 1920s and received widespread clinical use during World War II by helping soldiers who were wounded and risked infection, because of its properties that prevent the creation of peptidoglycan in gram-positive bacteria. However, the older forms of Penicillin have been rendered completely useless because of the rapid evolution of bacteria to resist Penicillin. This has created an eternal race regarding whether people can develop the antibiotics to defeat resistant bacteria fast enough (McDonald, 2013).
Today, antibiotics are just as important, if not more important than they used to be. Relatively recently, four new antibiotics were approved for human use. These antibiotics are linezolid, which is completely synthetic, daptomycin, a natural lipopolypeptide, fidaxomicin, a natural macrocyclic polyketide, and diterpene pleuromutilin, a natural retapamulin (Wright, 2012). Additionally, a new antibiotic class has been discovered, called Neoglycosides. The only antibiotic in this class is Plazomicin, a new compound th...

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...tuberculosis. For example, the original rifamycins were modified, and the results are the most potent drugs for Tuberculosis and function well even today (Nguyen, 2012).
Using bacteriophages to kill antibiotic resistant bacteria is an extremely viable method. Currently, a company called Intralytix has developed bacteriophages that specifically target antibiotic resistant bacteria such as Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Staphylococcus aureus, and E. coli. The treatment is safe because the viruses have been designed to only target those bacteria, rather than also attacking good bacteria in the human body. These bacteriophages are being used in the food industry currently and treating water in the United States. One of the greatest benefits is that this does not drive antibiotic resistance because the viruses that attack bacteria have no effect on antibiotics (Potera, 2013).
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