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When you are trying to convince people to think about a topic in a different perspective, you might choose ethos, pathos, or logos. These are modes of persuasion and are devices in rhetoric that classify the speakers appeal to the audience. Using visual content is presented in all three, but I believe it is used most in pathos. Kevin Carter an award-winning South African photojournalist combined both empathy and the use of pathos in his pictures.
Kevin Carter was the generator of a Pulitzer Prize for his picture representing the famine in Sudan, Africa in 1993. He later committed suicide at the age of 33 because he was overwhelmed by guilt, threats, and anger. The important message that is being portrayed is a young African girl on the verge of dying from starvation, and the vulture is sitting, looking and waiting patiently for the baby girl to die so he can devour her.

The overall vision the picture portrays is starvation in Africa and how people have power to change that issue. The subject matter is easy for the audience to interpret. The vulture is the vicious creature, and the young girl dying is also a subject matter because she has not consumed food in God knows how long! This allows the viewers attention to be focused on the dying child and the anxious, voracious vulture. Also the scenery of the picture plays a big role. Dirt and debris are surrounded by the child and the creature. Carter is relaying that something very important is needed, money and food, and he is pointing to the answer by directing the viewers attention towards the helpless, malnourished baby girl.
There are two main elements in this picture: the vulture and starving baby. Capturing this picture, Carter hopes to influence viewers to either give more ...

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...s very graphic but meaningful images so that the viewers will easily comprehend the image. It is important for the viewer to understand the multiple object(s) in the picture because it will then be interpreted correctly. Although the vulture contradicts the image because viewers are not expecting an animal to consume a child as its meal, it helps us realize what we need to do in order to stop this from happening. The simplest picture can be so powerful. There’s an old saying “action speaks louder than words” and because we as the creators and audience of this picture are not putting our all and all into helping these people, it looks as if we are not doing our best. Remember a picture is worth 1,000 words.

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