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Throughout middle school and the past two years of high school, when a teacher would announce that we had to write a research paper or an essay, the first thoughts to come to my mind are usually, “Oh no, I’m going to fail. I’m an awful writer. What am I going to do?” These fretful thoughts, more often than not, lead to my procrastination. Needles to say, I’ve adopted some bad habits when it comes to my writing process as well as a fear of writing. While I enjoy writing, I wouldn’t consider myself to be a great, or even good, writer, especially not when it comes to assigned writing. Often I find myself avoiding the assignment until a week before the due date and very little sleep the night before I have to turn my paper in. I never cease to be amazed when my teachers return the papers, which I consider to be incredibly mediocre and below my teachers expectations, with rather decent grades on them. However, I wouldn’t say that I am a bad writer either. When it comes to writing, my first challenge is always figuring out what I want to say and how to say it in a way that is understandable and meets the expectations of my reader. Knowing that my personal thoughts and opinions will be graded by someone who may or may not understand the point I’m trying to make, intimidates me. In his essay on self revision, Donald Murray statement that both professional and student writers are “overly critical, think everything is dreadful, tear up page after page, never complete a draft, and see the task as hopeless” (Murray), is the epitome of my writing process. In elementary school we were all taught a basic writing process: brainstorm, write a rough draft, revise and proofread, write a final draft. Everyone adjusts and changes th... ... middle of paper ... ...t in general. I learned last year in AP World History, that there is no avoiding writing, in any subject and that the farther I go on in education, the more I will have to put together structured essays; I can’t avoid them forever. My previous English teacher even asked me if I was knew how much writing and critical thinking was involved with this class and at the time I wasn’t exactly sure that I could handle it. To be honest, I’m still not sure if can handle this class but I realized through all the struggling I had writing this essay that I need to improve my writing skills and I’m determined to do exactly that. Throughout the school year, I hope to eventually get over my fear of writing and sharing my writing with others and to be able to put pen to paper and write a composition that is not only cohesive but enjoyable and that I am proud, rather than, weary of.
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