Peloponnesian War Essay

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War has been around for the past couple of centuries now. A question that comes out of many people’s mouths’ is, “Is war the answer?” Centuries ago people may have agreed, however for nowadays maybe not so much. In the BC time era, men were trained to fight with their bodies as their weapons and to take no mercy when it comes to the enemy. If one were to dishonor their kind or betray them, the consequences would be a painful death. The following information portrayed in this essay is to discuss the causes of the Peloponnesian War, who won the war and why they conquered a nice victory.

The Peloponnesian War consisted of two equal but different powers in control of Greece, Athens and Sparta. Athens and Sparta were in 480 BC when they both received an independent state of living from the Persians. The Athenians had a phenomenal navy as well as being heavy into commerce and trade by using the waterways. The Spartans lead gracefully in the agriculture community which boosted them as well as having a stupendous army. As you can tell, both powers are complete opposites, which made them bot...

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