Pejorative Style In Good Country People

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Style is a literary technique that authors use to reveal information about various aspects of the narrative. Style can be utilized as a way for the audience to read between the lines and unveil key information. Pejorative language expresses criticism and bad opinions. Flannery O'Connor's pejorative style is exhibited in many of her short stories. From the dialogue of a convict in “A Good Man Is Hard To Find” to the thoughts of not so wise Hulga in “Good Country People” her pejorative style unveils the perceptions of characters.

O’Conner’s pejorative style shines in her short story, “ A Good Man Is Hard To Find”. O'Connor expresses her disapproval of the main character through the antagonist Misfit. After killing the grandma, Misfit shows
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Her style and disapproval is expressed through the words of Hulga. After Manley Pointer steals her wooden leg she finally sees his true intentions. She realizes he has a twisted mind, and that he is “a fine Christian [... who] says] one thing and do[es] another”(12). Hulga no longer sees that Manley Pointer is the innocent Bible selling boy he presented himself as, rather, she sees him as a manipulative man who steals her wooden leg. Hulga’s pejorative language expresses her disapproval of ungracious people. Additionally, the pejorative language gives insight on how truly rare it is to find a good person. Moreover, O'Connor's style is also expressed through the thoughts of Hulga. After Manley Pointer kisses her she realizes “it was an unexceptional experience and all a matter of the mind's control [and that] some people might enjoy drain water if they were told it was Vodka”(10). Hulga’s pejorative thoughts display her disapproval of others. O'Connor's style also reveals that Hulga feels superior to others. All things considered, O'Connor's pejorative style in “Good Country People” unveils the character of both Manley Pointer and…show more content…
While the main character Mrs.Turpin is sitting in the waiting room she begins to judge the all the strangers on how “they sat kind of vacant and white trashy”(4). Even though Mrs. Turpin does not know the people in the waiting it does not stop her from making assumptions about their class. O’Connor’s pejorative styles reveals Mrs. Turpin's judgmental character . Another display of O'Connor's style is through the dialogue of another girl in the waiting room. After listening to Mrs. Turpin speak in the waiting room the girl sees Mrs.Turpin's true identity and tells her to “Go back to hell where [she] came from”(21). Her pejorative language reveals the way others see Mrs. Turpin and presents her judgemental character once again. As expressed, Flannery O'Connor's pejorative style reveals the way Mrs. Turpin views others and how others view
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