Pegasus The End Of Suspense Essay

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In Pegasus: The End of Olympus by Kate O’Hearn, the element of suspense plays a big part in leading up to the climax of the book. With each example of suspense, the readers are left wondering and wanting more information about what is happening in the book. Suspense not only provides a sense of excitement for readers, but also hooks and encourages readers to keep reading the book. Suspense is a crucial part of every book, and without it, any novel wouldn’t have a source of tension or excitement. In Pegasus: The End of Olympus, the author’s use of mystery, surprise, and suspense can help to keep readers interested. Kate O’Hearn, the author of the Pegasus series, often uses the elements of mystery and surprise in times that readers receive information. Suspense is the combination of both mystery and surprise. The readers are given some background on a subject, but readers are often left with a missing piece of the puzzle. When information or an action of a character is unexpected, the event may cause a feeling of surprise. An example of mystery is when Emily is looking into the water of Pegasus’s spring, “They’ve all been captured by the CRU. How? How did they know about Stella or Agent B?” Mystery and surprise are elements in this situation because the readers are surprised about imprisonment of Stella, Agent B, Earl, and Frankie, and aren’t given the information of how they got arrested. A feeling of suspense is created in the combination of both the shock and the mystery in a book. Suspense…show more content…
With the elements of mystery, surprise, the different points of views of characters, and the use of dramatic irony all can help to create an effect of suspense. Suspense makes sure that readers are having thoughts, and are wanting to continue reading the book. Suspense, therefore, is a very important piece to having a great
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