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Peer review is one of important elements for academic sources. According to Lunsford (2013), peer review helps the writer see what he or she wrote from other viewpoints and what strong and weak point the paper has. In order to do that, this paper will review the partner’s paragraph which the partner composed in paragraph assignment. The rhetorical situation of the paragraph is she will have a presentation for a small class of HSC History Extension students at her former high school. The purpose of the paragraph is to help the audience to understand what postmodernism is because postmodernism is a complex and indefinable ideology and hard to be understood for most people.
Firstly, this paper will show the partner’s paragraph. Secondly, this paper will review the paragraph and offer feedback by considering style and structure, use of rhetorical appeals, incorporation of research, grammar and punctuation, tone and voice, word choice, including use of jargon and definitions, and flow and transition. In conclusion, this paper will reflect how this paper applied style and method to the rhetorical situation of a peer review, what strategies, techniques, and sources this paper used to provide feedback to the partner, and the experience of the peer review process.
It is easy to understand what the paragraph says even though I am not intended audience due to effective word choice and method of incorporating research. For instance, the writer avoids using jargon as the rhetorical situation is she is having a presentation and the audience doesn’t know much about special word. Moreover, the method of incorporating research is credible since she uses books which are used widely and popular among HSC History Extension students to enhance her cr...

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... review the paragraph, it was easy to give some examples by referring to numbered sentences. Moreover, this paper used some sources which are related to academic writing and used widely in that field so that the review will increase its own credibility. After completing this assignment, I learned credibility has an important role in reviewing since the review should be persuasive to explain understand how the paragraph could be better to the writer. Credibility is needed for not only reviewing but also rhetoric as communicator has to illustrate text for audience in rhetorical situations.

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