Peer Pressuring and the Martyring of Perpetua

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The Martyring of Perpetua The definition of passion is “a term applied to a very strong feeling about a person or thing.” Having a strong amount of passion can trigger many things. When an individual shows a great deal of passion regarding any given subject, it creates a buzz that people are attracted to. People want to know the “whats” and “whys” about the given situation. Passion is the sole reason for the spreading of various religions around the world. No one act show a greater amount of passion than one being martyred for something that they believe in. According to, Christianity is the world’s largest religion. However, Christianity never would have reached to that pinnacle if it weren’t for the likes of many martyrs along the way such as Vibia Perpetua. Perpetua’s story is incredibly unique because for multiple reasons. Perpetua’s story comes from three different points of views, it was preserved in not only Latin but Greek as well, and it is the personal account of a female; which is incredibly rare. If you are a follower of Christianity or not, it is nearly impossible to argue that her acts were anything but courageous and anything but incredibly influential. One of the largest influences that we not only deal with today, but has been present since the beginning of time is peer pressure. Having someone in your ear, telling you what to do and how to do it, and being an extra conscience, can be one of the hardest things to deny. Most people have trouble saying no to just one person. Imagine how Perpetua must have felt. After word escaped that she was a Christian, and after she confirmed the allegations, she was taken into imprisonment and to be executed. All she had to do was deny her religion. The peer pressure to... ... middle of paper ... ...r a cause, it strikes an emotional and mental button to at least give the subject, in this instance Christianity, a looking into. It is no secret that Perpetua’s story is unique for various reasons. But her story is one of many that influenced Christianity so greatly. Once again, it is the world’s largest religion. It did not get to this point by people denouncing their religion. It grew because of martyrs, like Perpetua, going to the extreme of extremes, and dying for their cause. Perpetua’s story is also incredibly groundbreaking because she was a woman who stood up strong for her beliefs, especially in a time where most men spoke for their women. Because of her unmatchable influence and the way she fearlessly tackled death; despite her child, peer pressure, and public humiliation. Perpetua goes down in history as one of the most courageous individuals in history

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