Peer Pressure

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Anthony Liccione once said, “Some people will just go with the flow of things and sway in life, while others will fight against the currents and go upstream to reach their destiny.” So many people spend their entire lives following the acts of others, trying to fit in, instead of carving out their own path to become a great individual of their own. We live in a world that is run by social media, where celebrities influence the minds of almost everyone. Fame and fortune are the two biggest influences on human behavior today, people are willing to do almost anything to be noticed. However, being noticed by doing good deeds is more important than being noticed for the wrong reasons. By being a good role model for future generations, we can have a positive impact on the decisions they make that will affect the world they live in. To begin, peer pressure is often misinterpreted by older generations, who think it is teenagers strong arming others into doing things they should not be doing. The bully type attitude towards peer pressure is completely nonexistent in the world today, and the real problem lies in subtle influences that teenagers are exposed to. For example, going out to a party where drugs are present is likely to cause teenagers to become curious and feel the need to fit in with everyone else. While they are not being told to follow along, they do so anyways because of the belief that people are judging them. Nobody likes to be judged, and the best way to avoid that situation is to just follow along and become part of the crowd. Statistics show that teenagers are more likely to have friends with people who have the same interests as them. If one of those friends becomes interested in alcohol, the other person is more likel... ... middle of paper ... ...n both positive and negative ways and is often thought of wrongly. Times have changed, and the internal struggle of not wanting to be judged pushes teenagers to give in to things we have considered, “societal norms”. While negative peer pressure still exists, examples of positive peer pressure can be found in pushing each other academically and athletically to become a more well rounded person. Furthermore, dealing with peer pressure often includes becoming a good role model for younger generations to follow. Setting a good example and doing good deeds is not only the duty of a catholic in society, but it is the right way to have a positive impact on society and strengthen the community. Role models are essential in life, they steer the ship back on course and guide it in the right direction to allow teenagers to to fight against the current and reach their destiny.
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