Peer Helper Case Study

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Peer-Helping Program to Address Violent Crime in Children

This peer helper program is designed to address the crisis of children violence both victims and perpetrators. It is a system that allows students to assist one another. Everyone benefits in the program to tackle this imperative issue. In the ASCA 2008 Position Statement, Peer-helping programs are implanted to enhance the effectiveness of school counseling programs by increasing outreach and the expansion of available services (ASCA, 2008). In other words, it is critical to implement a program that will be an impact for not only the students but also the school and the community. The program will be research based and have a focus on data-driven decision-making.

The goal is
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During the interview process, there I will look over their resume to see if they are qualified. In addition, I will look over letters of recommendations from students’ teachers and parents. For elementary students who are interested must be recommended by their teachers. Background checks and fingerprints will be enforced.

Training of peer helpers There will be stages (beginning, intermediate, and advanced) where peer facilitators must complete in order to move forward. The training will have 10 to 20 half hour sessions in the elementary setting. The counselor and other trained staff will train those involved on their interpersonal skills and other skill sets.

Nature of the project (Peer helpers’ roles) Peers/helpers that are selected for the program will fulfill the role of a special friend (middle and high school students) for the helpees. They will work with the children in assisting them make that transition. Also, they are to double check on their academic performance and their home life. Not to mention, work with certain interpersonal skills for the child to communicate with their peers
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