Pedagogy Reflection Paper

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Throughout the course of this semester, I have learned a vast amount about the educational system and how it influences its students, teachers, parents, and communities. This course was very eye-opening, I had never before thought about some of the main issues we discussed in this course. The focus of this paper will be discussing my own personal educational philosophy and approach to pedagogy using multiple examples that we discussed in this course. My approach to pedagogy includes self chosen tracking, opening up dialogue about culture and identity, and describing a mini lesson plan.
One of my main issues with policy is tracking. Tracking is the process of placing students with around the same level of ability in the same class. The research done on tracking is a bit muddy, some research supports it and other research denounces it. From my own personal experience. I would have to say that some sort of tracking is beneficial to students. The way I would go about tracking
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For the most part schools curriculums tend to focus on just surface examples when it comes to examining culture. This act alone can be detrimental to minorities, and students with different cultural backgrounds. That is why, if I was a teacher, I would do home visits for research purposes. This involves studying how households use their knowledge to help deal with difficult economic and social times. By conducting these visits I will be able to create a relationship: “The relationship can become the basis for the exchange of knowledge about family or school matters, reducing the insularity of classrooms, and contributing to the academic content and lessons” (Moll, 1992). By having teachers, and schools broadening their knowledge, there would be a better system to help of students and parents of color. This also would help to integrate multicultural aspects into the
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