Pearl's Response To Sin In The Scarlet Letter, By Nathaniel Hawthorne

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“We love because he first loved us”(1 John 4:19). God loves and will continue to love no matter the sins committed. Sin is wrong but as long as repentance is asked for, then God will forgive us. Forgiveness is not only demonstrated by God but forgiveness among humans is essential for healthy relationships. Initially, Pearl forgave her mother and learned to love her for who she was no matter the sins she committed. In the book, The Scarlet Letter, Nathaniel Hawthorne, conveys that Pearl's response to sin is with love, by accepting/adapting and using curiosity in certain situations, even though those reactions were not the most quintessential to the beliefs of the Puritan Society.
In some societies, sin is not taken positively and results in
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Pearl had always been extremely curious about her mother's sin and more importantly about the scarlet letter. All through Pearl's childhood, all she had known was the scarlet letter. She had been infatuated by it ever since she was a baby. Pearl's curiosity about the scarlet letter caused her “inevitable tendency to hover over the enigma of the scarlet letter seemed an innate quality of her being”(123). She would constantly belabor her mother about it asking questions such as “what does the scarlet letter mean mother”(124). The scarlet letter had become such a huge part of her life that it had almost become a part of her. It had consumed her life and was the main thing she thought about constantly. In this case, secretiveness from Hester caused major curiosity from…show more content…
It should be condemned and not praised. Although Pearl did not treat her mother's sin as harshly as the others, she did go about it in the wrong way. Sin is not something that should be accepted, it is wrong no matter the circumstances. Romans 6:23a states, “for the wages of sin is death”. The cost of sin is death, sin is not something that should be accepted or even want to be accepted. God hates sin and does not condone it so why should anyone else. Pearl did the right thing by not condemning her mother like the rest of the town did, but instead, she just loved her. In the Bible, God says “Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins”(1 Peter 4:8). No matter how much her mother had sinned, Pearl would have loved her anyway. Sin should never be condoned, but with love, sin can be properly punished and dealt with. All Hester had known was hate, but Pearl showed her love when no one else did and that really helped her to deal with her sin. Pearl was one of the key elements that helped Hester to conquer her sin.
Ultimately, sin is inevitable. Pearl was born into sin and had to learn how to deal with it even though it was not hers to start with, but once again God says to love others despite sin and that is exactly what Pearl did (1 John 4:19). She demonstrated love and great candor toward her mother which eventually helped her with her sin. Pearl dealt with sin in a good and constructive way and in the end, it
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