Pearl Harbor

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December 7, 1941, “A date that will live in infamy,” was the name that our President gave the worst military attack ever on United States soil, Pearl Harbor. It all started in May 1940, when Japan sent Kiichi Gunji to the newest Pacific Battle Ship Port. We chose to read this book because we both are interested in Pearl Harbor and the new movie about it.

A major incident in the book Pearl Harbor was how the Japanese got all of the information it needed to attack the United States. They came over by a cruse ship from Japan to Hawaii and went around Hawaii like tourists. Yoshikawa and Mikami was the main spy who went around the island in a taxi with the driver named Kotoshirodo. They spied from several spots but liked the pier at Pearl City the best. He liked it so much because he could see the Pearl Harbor and the naval air strips on Ford Island from there. He went every so often so he did not make anyone too suspicious and also made sure he never went in the same clothing each time he went. He sent all the information he gathered and sent it back to Japan to be looked over. These spies where a major part of the story and the way the book ended.

Another major event in this story is when the author talked about Yamamoto’s Operation Hawaii and all the problems with them. In February 1941, Commander Minoru Genda was assigned to Yamamoto’s Operation Hawaii. His comment was the plan was difficult but not impossible; but he turned down a lot of Yamamoto’s idea. Some ideas he didn’t keep were: the plans would take off from carriers about 500 miles from Hawaii. They would not have enough gas to make the trip there and back to the carrier ships, so Yamamoto’s plans to fly towards the carriers until their gas ran out and ditch in the Pacific, was scrapped. Genda wrote up a new plan that had the attack starts at dawn and should be a total surprise. Carriers would refuel at sea at Midway Island, and the planes would drop torpedo, dive, and high-level bombing on the United States ship and planes.
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