Pearl Harbor

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At approximately 8 o’clock in the morning on the 7th of Dec 1941, the United States of America faced for the first time in history, an attack on US soil. The Empire of Japan had strategically planned and executed a swift blow to the state of Hawaii, located in the mid-Pacific Ocean. Hawaii was our first line of defense from any westerly attack of an Asian country. By the end of the almost 2 hour ordeal, our Naval and Air Corps assets’ were brutally crippled preventing the ability of the US to conduct an immediate retaliation. In this study we will cover many of the events that led up to that moment in time, the actual attack and show the result that were to follow.

Do to the great depression of 1930 the world was economically on its knees throughout most of the 30’s and early 40’s. This had great impacts on trades between many countries to include the US and Japan. Prior to this point, the US had been primarily importing silk from the Japanese and we had been exporting oil and coal commodities to them. The Japanese had felt it was a better option to seek elsewhere for the needed resources to increase their military footprint at the brink of World War II. Already at the verge of war with the Chinese, in 1937 the Japanese decided to force a war at Manchuria, China. In their minds this would be an outlet to seek those resources.
Fast forward two years and shift to the other side of the world. In 1939 World War II was born when the leader and dictator Adolf Hitler of Germany who chose to attack Poland. With the success of defeating the Polish, Hitler moved forward attacking and beating other European countries. This War was seen by the world as offensive move to overtake all mankind and a pure threat to all. ...

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