Pearl Harbor

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This topic was very interesting. .The Pearl Harbor played a major historical role in World War II by galvanizing US support against the Axis. Previously, the US had generally supported Britain but was dissuaded by public opinion from direct involvement. By attacking the United States at Pearl Harbor, Japan brought America into the war. President Roosevelt knew beforehand that something somewhere would happen, but Congress and the American people balked at entering the war. Japan's attempt was to destroy American naval power in the Pacific figuring it would take a couple of years to rebuild the fleet. This would allow them to conquer the Australian Archipelago and extend their empire. Luckily, the Enterprise was on maneuvers at sea and no American carrier was damaged in the attack. This set the stage for America entering the war and focusing its industrial might against the Axis Powers. the topic that entertained me was “How did Japan plan the attack on Pearl Harbor”This entertained me because i didn’t know how they had every thing planed out.Also when i was watching the videos in class it got me more entertained and i was like “WOW”.That is why i have choice this topic.

When i was doing my project the best source that I kept going to is “”. “”provided the most information because it had 3-4 questions that i had to answer. This website was very help full for me to finish this project. That is why I liked the website “”while i was doing my project I found all my six questions that i wanted to answer. One of the questions i found but it had all different kinds of answers,so i chose not to do the question “How long did the pearl harbor last”.

The First question I did is “How did the Japan pla...

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