Pearl As A Pearl Allegory

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A Pearl is a rare stone that can only be created under unique circumstances, is hard to find and, sometimes, can represent bad luck. Still, a pearl is a beautiful, white stone used to represent purity and peace. Pearl is born because of the affair between Reverend Dimmesdale and Hester Prynne. So, Pearl is the eternal reminder of Hester 's shame. Pear is a difficult child because she seems quite aware of her surroundings, and of her mother 's internal turmoil almost as if she could read Hester 's mind. There is something rare, strange, and almost supernatural about Pearl that makes her name allegorical. Her role in the lives of Dimmesdale and Hester is equally unique. Just like a pearl, she remains hidden from the world, as part of the isolation that her mother receives. Pearl is a symbol of guilt, shame, sin, but also of the passion once felt by her parents. Her existence is as rare as her name implies. She may have been considered a curse in Hester 's life, but in reality, she is Hester 's blessing. These things make Pearl a good allegory in this story. Ann Hutchinson is a historical allusion. Ann was banished from her colony for holding private Bible studies in her home. She had been making her own interpretations of the sermons given in the church. Her colony did not approve…show more content…
Hawthorne uses a simile comparing Pearl 's beauty to the warm, summer day. This illustrates her as the bright, playful character that she can be. The next quote is a simile because Hawthorne is comparing Chillingworth 's eyes to the reflection of a furnace and a ghastly fire. This can show how awful a person Chillingworth has become. It is a proper comparison. The final quote uses a simile to describe how Chillingworth investigates Dimmesdale. Hawthorne eventually describes it as similar to the coldness of a gravedigger. These uses of similes are perfect because they thoroughly make one feel the exact way the author wants them

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