Peace in the Middle East

“Peace in the Middle East” has been a political issue and goal for a long time but because of differences religiously, politically, and because of the resources it offers it will never be achieved . Ever since it became known as the Middle East and even before that it has been defended and fought over by different countries for many reasons be it faith, oil, foreign and domestic leaders. All of these factors shape the future of the region and none will ever bring about peace.
Probably the most significant reason and cause of the Middle East’s issues is Faith. Islam, Christian, and Jewish faiths all came from the Middle East and have a deep history and continue to this day. Islam and Christians have a war torn past. They fight over the “Holy Land” in Israel which holds something of religious importance to both faiths. Recently many may disagree but the attack on “9/11” was seen by many Christians as the start of a “Holy War” a fight between the Muslims and the Christians, although it has some truth to it the goal of the attack was not just an attack on Christians but also the American way of life. Though the attack was from radical Islamist not many Muslims approved of the attack or supported it.
Islam and the Jews have seen much conflict throughout the years and have been looking to settle those differences with no avail. Some of the problems consist of land ownership, pertaining to what they call the “Holy Land” including the Dome of the Rock which is in ownership of Islamist. Their faith differs in that most of the same people are present in their history but as far as the Islamist “Messiah” Muhammad has made himself known. After World War 2 The Jews returned to their lands to find that they had been taken over mostly by Islamist. Which didn't make their relationship any better.
Jews and Christians have a more peaceful past than either have with Islam which is not saying much. They started out feuding and with little disputes but have come to an understanding with one another. The Christian and Jewish faith have both a similar past, the Christian Faith just continues off the Jewish Old Testament with the Birth of their “Messiah” Jesus Christ. They both seek possession of the “Holy Land” back from Islam but are pursuing peaceful negotiations for the land they hold very dear.

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