Peace in Both Christianity and Islam

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The definition of peace means being free from disturbance. From a biblical perspective, the absence of conflict is only the beginning of peace. True peace includes personal wholeness, righteousness, political justice, and prosperity for all creation. That’s the way God intended things to be when he created his garden, his paradise. “Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you. I do not give to you as the world gives.” (John 14:27) The Islamic perspective is as well about peace and knowledge and true Muslims are peace-loving people. Peace is promoted as Allah (S.W.T) says in the Quran "God does not forbid you to be kind and equitable to those who have neither fought against your faith nor driven you out of your homes. In fact God loves the equitable." (Chapter 60, Verse 8). This tells Muslims that all people should be treated kindly and equally.
Peace in both Christianity and Islam is promoted by Peace organizations two examples of both Christian and Islamic peace organization groups include Peace wise Peacemakers, World council of churches, Muslim for peace and Muslim peace fellowship. These organizations contribute to promoting peace in both religions by spreading the word of their lord and how it affects both the adherent and the religion itself. It also educates society and helps them understand the religion better and have a clear understanding of how peace is integrated in their religion.
An understanding of the Christian belief of peace is gained through the importance of the life of Jesus Christ in the beliefs of adherents. Peace is believed to be at the heart of Jesus' life and ministry and accordingly it is a foundational element of the Christian communities that seek to follow him. In order for Christians to exper...

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...n, a personal fight against evil in order to achieve peace and Lesser Jihad refers to the outer-struggle against wrong and evil in encouraging others to strive for the same goal.
It is therefore through the sacred texts that a comparison of the understandings of peace in Christianity and Islam can be achieved. It is through an understanding of peace for each tradition that the beliefs can be compared in relation to the respective principal teachings. In conclusion Christians are guided by the New Testament in order to live a peaceful life in accordance to the teachings of Jesus Christ, practicing their beliefs and in turn affecting others. Muslims achieve peace through an understanding of the teachings revealed through the Qur’an and Hadith, this in turn leads to the ultimate goal of Islam: submission to Allah which is the only means of attaining peace with Allah.
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