Peace Negotiations Between Arafat and Clinton

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Peace Negotiations Between Arafat and Clinton Many third world and communist countries are known for their censorship in the media, ranging from television, radio, and the newspapers. Even with these shortcomings they still are able to present a side of an issue. The capitalistic world can dominate the networks of the media as well and also provide certain amounts of censorship with only one side of a view. The way the capitalistic world is able to dominate the media is by advertisement. Commercials and advertisements drive and pay for the expenses of the news reporting agency or any other media. A company will not sponsor a television network or a newspaper if their stories and ideas do not reflect that of the sponsor. For example if a company is owned and operated mostly by Jews, that company may not appreciate a newspaper or a television station to report against them or point out that many mistakes, such as accidental bombings and killings of innocent by standers not only Philistines but Israelis as well, were caused by Jews. If that newspaper or television station reports against Jews or the supporters of Israel they will not be endorsed or sponsored by that Jewish company, and if that newspaper or television station does not receive any support they cannot publish anymore papers or broadcast their newscasts. In both cases important sides of an issue are either addressed or not. The western coverage of the peace negotiations between Arafat and President Clinton by the news media distorts and deletes facts only to ensure that Israel, the United States ally, will benefit. My latest readings of the Seattle Times and one of Tehran’s newspaper dealt with Mr. Arafat’s visit to the United States to speak with President Clinton in the White House about the Mid-East peace process. Both papers presented facts and expanded as well on some of those facts. When reading the Seattle Times, the article’s title read, “Peace deal with Arafat”, the title its self it’s letting us know that we have to deal with Mr. Arafat, that he must be a hard negotiator. The article discussed how Mr. Arafat did not accept or totally agree with President Clintons peace plan. The Times made it clear that President Clinton’s plan was detailed and accepted by both the United States and the Israelis.

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