Paying College Athletes

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Students that attend college should not get paid for playing sports. People go to college to get an education not to get rich. The experience of college itself is priceless. If the college pays players in one sport they will have to pay players in all sports. Scholarships already pay for individuals’ education. What more is needed? This world is going to have more athletes than doctors if students get paid to play sports in college. If they are good at a sport and want to get paid for it then they can go professional.
College athletes are now starting to complain about not getting paid to play the sport they enjoy. When people use college athletes to make video games, and other materials to make money off them, the company should be the one to pay them not the college. Companies that try to make money off of star athletes only want a particular player, not the whole team nor in every sport. College is not the place to get rich. College is the place to learn, get your education, and become successful. Paying a particular player is not going to be fair to the other players. Choosing a particular player and sport will also cause tension with other sports such as soccer, tennis, volleyball, basketball, and all the other sports that colleges offer.
Athletes say that they are great at what they do and needs be recognized for their talent. If a great athlete gets recognized by a college and wants them to play for their team, that athlete already gets a free education plus more. Colleges do not allow students to play sports if the athlete does not meet the college standard. There forth the athlete that they chose to play for them must have excellent grades. If athletes have excellent grade point averages and good ACT scores then th...

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...know in life. The world cannot operate and function right if half the people in the world became athletes and so forth.
All the scholarships and free tuition are great. But when it comes to paying athletes for playing a non professional sport in college, it reaches the limit. The state is already complaining that they are broke. There are numerous of ways of spending money wisely than paying college athletes. We also have to think about the student that did not have the chance to receive help paying for their education. Even giving the college new technology and advanced equipment, so all students can have the experience they need before getting out into the real world. So students can be prepared to face any challenges life throws at them. Knowing they have worked hard at what they have become, and will appreciate the accessories and experience that came with it.
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