Paying College Athletes

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College sports also known as the greatest source of entertainment known to man this era. There are several types of sports ranging from non- physical to the most physical contact sports. Each sport takes sacrifice and dedication to be able to perform at your best knows matter what level. The NCAA is a million dollar business that lets student athletes show their athletic ability and skill toward other individuals. That is the main reason for the creation of collegiate sports, but not to downside the meaning of entertainment. Controversy of paying these athletes is a big deal at the moment. There have been many scandals of athletes receiving direct pay under the table that is not included in their financial aid or scholarship. Paying the athletes compensation is a direct violation of NCAA rules. These individuals are already taking care of in even special ways so they should not receive pay just to play sports. Paying college athletes to participate in sports is a big issue in today’s media. The demand for college sports is almost as superior as the professional league. The passion you have for the games is what counts. The appeal of college sports is rooted in the simple notion that your team represents you, your state, your alma mater, and your youth. The pro leagues represent a bunch of 25 year old millionaires who will dump your town the minute if their agent secures a better offer. There is no loyalty in the Pro’s. College sports are all about loyalty. The fact that these amateur athletes are competing to make it to the next level makes the game more exciting. Taking the excitement away by paying them big bucks would just pull down the association. Recent survey says “Approximately 700 readers participated in the AL surv... ... middle of paper ... all the athletes would just add more to the cost of hosting a game. If colleges decided up offering money to their players, it would ultimately result in wanting more wealth and controversy. If a team decided to give an athlete say 4,000 a year, it would probably not even come close to what their ideal wants are. Traditionally athletes are treated as celebrities around campus, and just giving in to even more of their wants will just lead to complete madness. Society always wants more, and would eventually have to give them what they wanted just to find balance and cooperation. Athletes should just not be paid for doing something that they signed up for. Overall leads to saving money, keeping respect, and maintaining a healthy relationship between athletes, and others as well. Colleges have not legally paid college students before and have been just fine.

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