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Greed is defined as an excessive desire for wealth or possessions. I believe greed goes hand in hand with a current issue of whether or not college athletes should be paid. These athletes don’t feel like the scholarships are enough for what they do on the court and their greedy mentality demands more. Groups that are in favor of paying athletes might say that all the money the schools generate from football games and televised sporting events should go to those who earned it, but I believe that say that the money earned should be put towards a different cause. I agree with an article by USA today that “scholarship money, about $40,000 a year depending on the school, is ample exchange for athletic services.” If athletes do get compensated the athletic programs in schools will be changed for the worse. The primary goal of colleges and universities should be to provide education; therefor, student athletes should not be compensated for their sport and to instead be content with their tuition and amenities paid for as well as participation in the sport they love.
Intercollegiate athletes are very well taken care of by their schools and don’t need any other compensation. Football and basketball scouts go to high schools to try to persuade young athletes to join their team, by offering free tuition, housing, food, transportation, and tutors. With all of their big college expenses paid for, athletes don’t necessarily need money. There are many students that would love to receive free tuition above all, yet they don’t because they are not on the football team. Another argument not many people thought of is that if sports teams generate revenue and the athletes receive that money, do high school sports players get paid as well? High schoo...

... middle of paper ... students on whether or not they agree with paying student athletes. The chart represents that “those who opposed cash payments to student-athletes, 39 percent believed the athletic departments do not have enough money for additional payment beyond a scholarship.” This provides a good example of what college students believe will happen if athletes begin to get paid.
Sobocinski, Eric J. "Marquette Sports Law Review." College Athletes? What is Fair Compensation? 7th ser. 7 (1996). Print.
This scholarly journal written by Eric Sobocinski is a very informal piece explaining the meaning of intercollegiate sports in America as well as the current state of intercollegiate athletes. He goes on to write about the history of sports such as the Greeks ideals and how they can help to transform intercollegiate athletics. He concludes by giving his recommendations for reform.

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