Paying College Athletes

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College sports are big money makers now a days. For most universities, the athletic department serves as one of the main sources of cash flow. Athletes are used to create millions of dollars for the NCAA and the schools that they participate in, and never receive a penny. If we are talking about profit, if all bonds with the university were removed, an athletic department representing itself could compete with some of the most successful companies. So, why does the most important parts of the machine, the players, do not receive any money for their training and participation? The answer lies in the NCAA which keeps all the money and their practice of keeping all the revenue for future use. College athletes should be paid for their participation and teamwork to make their college life more durable because that way they can make huge profits an not have to do anything else for the rest of the year except have good grades. Most of the college athletes today are not so wealthy and with all the rules given to these privileged individuals, they are not allowed to have any type of jobs, receive money, rewards, or any type of financial help from anyone except than their families. The NCAA prohibits their athletes to have jobs because having jobs brings problems when recruiting. The NCAA believes some universities would have a very unfair advantage over other schools when it comes to recruiting. Basically saying that a certain school could offer the new student a better job opportunity than another. There is a small problem regarding jobs in different locations would pay athletes different amounts of money. College life and life in general wouldn't be as hard for student athletes if they were allowed to have jobs, but the NCAA does n... ... middle of paper ... ...s, the NCAA's revenues have increased about 8,000% and the $1.7 billion contract with CBS to be able to televise the NCAA Tournament is larger than any professional sports deal, with any other network. In this case the non-profit falls under the athletes. Don’t get me wrong a college education is very important, the goal of attending school is to prepare you mentally and physically for your future profession. Most of the college athletes goals are to play in the NFL and make such their profession. However, some of them have to leave college because of financial issues and other matters. With just giving student-athletes a salary of $7.25 an hour national minimum wage, most of the athletes would not have to miss their chances of living the college life. These people are very hard workers as they are just looking out for themselves. And they could use a little help.

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