Paying College Athletes

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Most of us have watched a college sporting event at one point or another in our life. Few people actually know and are aware of all the hard work, and dedication college athletes put towards their sport. However, they do not receive a compensation for their hard work. These Athletes are sometimes mistreated physically and mentally, yet the debate over whether or not to pay college athletes is a big debate.

One reason college athletes should get paid is because they make millions of dollars for their school. College athletes have been dedicating their time, hard work, and much more to their schools' athletic departments. Between the national television games they play in and company endorsement money the school receives, each player on the team should receive some kind of wage. The endorsement the school signs, makes the players a human billboard advertising the company's product. When kids see their favorite players wearing a certain thing during the game, they are tempted to go buy the item so they can be like their favorite player. The money the kid spends on the item goes strait to the company, and the player who the kid saw wearing the item gets nothing. The school also gets money from contracts they sign with TV companies to televise the games. Without the players, there would be no game. The college also makes money from the tickets they sell at the games along with the food and other merchandise they sell at the games. It is only right for the athletes who make all this possible gets some of the profit they help bring in. People are making millions of dollars off these athletes while they are living in poverty.

Another reason college athletes should get paid is because all of them are not on scholarship. As we all...

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... compensated for their hard work and dedication. Without the athletes the school would not be making all the money they do. These colleges make millions of money from to the sport, and in many cases one of the schools' main source of income. College athletes across the country are dedicating four years of their lives to a university and not receiving any compensation for their commitment. People need to realize that it is hard for an athlete to survive while going to college because he or she has no time to work. The work an athlete does rewards the schools with endorsements from which the athlete receives no compensation. While some these athletes are on scholarship, it can be taken away at any moment. College athletes are struggling to survive and need financial help. College athletes make many people lot of money and it is time that something is given back to them.

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