Paulo Friere's Banking Theory

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Is there a proper way to do things? Is it bad to do things a certain way? Paulo Friere 's banking theory proves that we are seeds to retain information and store it. This information, whether true or not, is information lead to believe to be true. This information is passed on from generations on and can be different from different areas. People can grow up learning to do things a certain way, only to be taught that there is a different way of doing it that is more fundamentally sound. What does this teach people, though? Nothing. It hinders the development of young minds and simplifies us humans as machines that retain information to play them back in order to satisfy their instructors. As Paulo Friere states in his essay “Education thus…show more content…
Our coach was truly incredible in his flexibility and knowing where to put certain players. He even changed our offense to adjust with our play style. Our team was a 3 point shooting team and he ran some plays in order for us to get good looks. We ended up winning a tournament in the spring season. I constantly wonder every day whether if our AAU coach was my high school coach whether we would 've won the state playoffs. This goes along with the banking theory because my high school coach would tell us that there is one way to play the game, and if we didn 't play it the way he wanted us to, then we would be scolded and get benched. This turned me into a robot in a way where I would be doing things a set way otherwise I wouldn 't be able to even have a chance. While my coach taught me many lessons about life, I believed that he was a better person coach then a basketball coach. He did incorporate life lessons into the game and him and our team were very close and did a lot of things…show more content…
The concept of banking education attempts “by mythicizing reality, to conceal certain facts which explain the way human beings exist in the world; problem-posing education sets itself the task of demythologizing.”. Banking education rejects dialogue. dialogue is necessary in order to develop students’ critical thinking ability.The problem-posing method contrasts from the banking method. It is when teachers and students come together to discuss questions and come to conclusions. This method is a lot more useful because one persons opinion or views can be challenged by other peoples beliefs. This leads to open discussion where new information can be attained. This discussion helps people truly understand the realism of the world and helps them be able to apply the information used in real life. People can subconsciously pick things up from this and they might not realize it until they apply it later on in life. Once they apply it in real life they will realize that the way they are educated was the right way because they are actually able to problem solve and think for themselves instead of simply repeating information that they received. It takes more skill and it is a lot more satisfying when you solve a problem for yourself throughout questioning the topic. It is a lot better than just repeating information because this information that you learned previously is now

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