Paul Revere

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Paul Revere

Paul Revere was a man of many talents, a “Jack Of All Trades” if you will. Patriot, silversmith, engraver, and republican, he was destined to be a hero. Born to parents Apollos De Rivoire, a French Huguenot, and Deborah Hitchbourn, Paul Revere came into the world on January 1, 1735 in Boston Massachusetts. Clark’s Wharf is where the Reveres resided now. The third born of eight children Revere learned early the lesson of perseverance, a lesson that would be an important in his later life, Revere would need to keep on going no mater what obstacles appeared in his way. Revere attended school in Boston where he got a sufficient education as well as in the shop with his father and the wharves of where he lived. As Revere grows in age he upholds many different jobs, including being a bell ringer for Christ’s Church, an Episcopal parish. Around the time of Reveres newly found job the first indications of the Revolutionary War were be gossiped about around the town. On the Sunday morning in which he was to toll the bell of Christ’s church a young boy heard the first gun of the revolution. Revere didn’t know this yet but his honorable duty lay within that revolution. On the twenty-second day of July, 1754 Reveres father died in his sleep. He was buried in the Old Granary. Paul was very distraught over losing his father. They were close, more like friends than father and son. After his fathers death Paul became the man of the house. He had to take on more responsibilities and work harder to support his large family. After a while the stress was weighing him down and it was probably some sort relief when he went to fight the French. In 1756 he returned. On August 4, 1757 Paul Revere married Sara Orne, or a Revere referred to her “Sary”. After some years of marriage Revere thinks it’s time for something new so he joins the masons, where he meets James Otis and Joseph Warren both men whom are of importance to him. In 1761 the year James Otis made his famous speech to Revere it would be know as the year that he fought his cousin Francis husband. The reasons why these two young men fought are not known but are probably logical considering that Revere was not the brawling type. All the while Revere is still making silver. Smallpox strikes the Reveres household as well as the rest of Boston. Paul Revere loved his children and couldn’t bear the fact of losing...

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... it is Reveres duty to identify dead bodies, on of which is his friend from the masons, Joseph Warren. Later that year it is said that George Washington himself asked Revere to go out to Castle Island to fix the cannon. This was a great honor. But with honor comes sadness and on May 26th his mother passed at aged 73. Revere had suffered many losses including his wife and father but this one hurt the most. He had lived with his mother his whole life and really respected the idea of family. Revere worked more with the government and Castle Island. He soon packed up and head home once again. Hard times strike once again and Revere is once again drove to find more work. He tries commercial work but silver is still his main income. Revere fights to be court marshal, re-establishes his character, and writes endless letters to his cousins in France and Guernsey. Paul sets up a foundry and casts the first bell ever cast in Boston. Paul Revere now has lived over half his life and relaxes a bit. He gets involved in civic projects and the welfare of children, grandchildren and friends. He discovers the secret of rolling copper and establishes a great industry. Paul Revere dies May 10 1818.
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