Paul Pontieri 's Mayor Was Concern About Jean Kaledas Call

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Paul Pontieri, Patchogue 's mayor was concern about Jean Kaledas call. Paul Pontieri was informed about the violence against latinos in patchongue where he was raised and born. Patchogue was a town where was well known as a immigrant town, and Paul Pontieri refuse to believe that anti-immigrant hatred was happening in Patchogue. During his childhood Patchogue was was a great place for a kid where they could ride their bikes anywhere, and their parents did not have to make play dates. Pontieri was concern about immigrant hatred in patchongue, and he believed that no one should be afraid of walking the streets at night because of hatred against skin color or accent. Pontieri was born in Panchangue, but his grandparents where immigrants from italy. Mayor Pontieri was the second child of four children, and he grew up in patchogue where there was no hatred against any skin color or race. In 2004, Pontieri became the first Italian American mayor of patchogue, and became mayor for exactly four years. Patchogue had always been a immigrant magnet, and Pontieri could not see the difference between puerto ricans and Ecuadorians who where once the only latinos in patchogue. Pontieri did not see any reason why they could not coexist with residents in patchogue, and he valued their entrepreneurial spirit. Immigrants started opening up restaurants, cafes, travel agencies, boutiques, and video stores. In the first decade of the twenty-first century life in Patchogue seem good, and Pontieri took pride in Patchogue 's order civility. During Pontieri 's mayor position he did not know if Hispanics were being harassed, or if teenagers where in the streets at night attacking men because they though of them to be illegal Mexicans, Pontieri was not ... ... middle of paper ... ...mmigrants happened in the United States, for example, two missouri residents traveled to southern Arizona with the intent of randomly killing Mexicans. Also, One horrible crime of hatred against latinos happened in Houston, Texas where a teenager was attacked by racist skinheads at a house party. The teenager’s jaw was broken, and got burned by cigarettes and got kicked with steel-toed-boots and sodomized with a patio umbrella pole. It took thirty surgeries before the teenager confined to a wheelchair, and wear a colostomy bag before going back to school. After three months later, he committed suicide from a cruise ship into the Gulf of Mexico. Immigration brought problems to the United States, for example, immigrants were costing the government twelve billion dollars in primary and secondary education, but it also brought hatred that caused several immigrants lives.

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