Patriarchal Society In The Yellow Wallpaper By Charlotte Gilman

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The Yellow Wallpaper
This story demonstrates a prime example of a patriarchal society in which the degree of influence by Dr. John in the decisions of the marriage, which ends up in his wife’s dementia. In the story right after Jane gave birth to her child she gets into a deep depression so her husband and her brother, two respected physicians ordered her rest. The house where they live is away from town and she only had contact with her husband and her nurse. "[The house] is quite alone standing well back from the road, quite three miles from the village. It makes me think of English places that you read about, for there are hedges and walls and gates that lock, and lots of separate little houses for the gardeners and people." Gilman, Charlotte
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The wallpaper or as is referred by the narrator as “the Paper” since the narrator (Jane) was repressed by taking her books and dairy away, is not a great stretch of imagination to posit that the paper become her text. Jane’s mind turn to her surroundings and settles upon the wallpaper as an intellectual challenge. Is not a coincidence that the woman in the wallpaper is trapped behind a pattern we can said that the social norm and more as types of patterns that metaphorically restrict our movements. The woman whom Jane imagines she sees trapped behind a pattern is simply a more direct representation of the metaphorical restriction.
Social interactions are also held to a minimum. The husband lectures in other cities, so the narrator (Jane) is often left without emotional support for days at a time. When John is at home, his conversations are patronizing, and he dismisses her concerns about her condition as is said in "The Yellow Wallpaper Summary -", n.d. Web.18 Nov. 2015. The bed is another important symbol of the story is big, heavy and is chain to the floor maybe a representation of female sexuality at that
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