Patras Greece and Tourism Dangers

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Patras Greece

Drawing in approximately 300,000 visitors per year, is home to many cultural events, carnivals, fairs, exhibitions and other presentations throughout the year. Patras, Greece has been recognized as the Cultural Capital of Europe in 2006, and home to one of the biggest carnival of its kind, the Patras Carnival. Many of the locals will speak at least a little English although the dominate language over there is Greece, so investing in a language book wouldn’t be a bad idea when travelling to any forging country.
Although just as any other tourist hot spot Patras holds many dangers inexperienced travellers should watch for, Europe is a surprisingly creative place when it comes to travel scams. Many of the most successful scams require a naive and trusting tourist, but that doesn’t mean it won’t happen to the more experienced travellers unless they know what to look out for.
Being the third largest city in Greece, Patras, Greece is not only popular as a cultural centre, but is also known for its rich history and tradition. There are many historical and modern sites, which attract millions of tourists from all over the world. Perfect places for gypsies, thieves, pick-pocketers, and other scammers searching for a tourist to prey on, but by exercising regular safety precautions it is easy to avoid getting into any sort of serious trouble.

Located on the northern coast of Peloponnese peninsula in Patra Municipality, Patras is home to approximately 170, 000 locals welcoming approximately 300,000 tourists a year and with little surprise amongst these numbers there are some not as genuine as others. With scammers, thieves and cons lurking amongst the group, ones who inexperienced tourists tend to fall for most easily. Althou...

... middle of paper ... them without alerting you, refusing to allow anyone in your room unless they were expected, or call the front desk and ask about ‘inspectors’ and most importantly never show someone your wallet let alone hand it to them, question them or even better, simply walk away.
This city of culture and life, welcoming approximately 300,000 tourists a year is perfect for travelling to providing a world of opportunities for the youthful explorer although it also contains a plethora of pitfalls for the inexperienced and misinformed. There are often stories in the news about the misadventures of ignorant tourists. Relevant and useful information is vital when travelling to another country and experiencing a different culture. And in Patras, Greece there are a few main things to watch for such as scams, pick-pockers and local hazards, but each is avoided by simple precautions.
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