Patient-Centric Health Care: Patient-Centric Healthcare

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Patient-Centric Healthcare When dealing with healthcare, many individuals forget to focus on the patient’s welfare, actually, many people in this community forget that as health care professionals, one is actually working to help the patients. The responsibility of every aspect of any healthcare professional is to support the idea of improving the quality of health care services. The writer believes that the industry of health care, with its growing popularity, have attracted investors who do not care about patient care. Such stakeholders are in the business for personal or financial growth. Therefore the current drive by many health care professionals, and health care organizations, is to get back on what matters the most, the patient. The patient must come first, their health must come first. This is what the healthcare community is currently searching for, a way to make a stronger connection between healthcare providers and the patient. Technology could be this bridge between the two. Technology could be the key that allows patients to manage and get involved with their own health care. By allowing or helping a patient to oversee their medical care, health care organization can better aid the patient and support the organizations goals, which must reflect on…show more content…
This is one of the great values that clinical decision support systems brings into health care delivery. The system allows health care professionals to use every resource available to help the patient and their health. Clinical decision support is a process for enhancing health-related decisions and actions with pertinent, organized clinical knowledge and patient information to improve health and healthcare delivery (Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society, 2015). Such system makes health care efficient and very reliable. Having the support of this program will make the patient the center of

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