Patient Case Study

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Problem statement:

Decrease the wait time and increase an eye specialist’s effectiveness in treating patients. It has become the norm for the initial wait time to between 30 minutes to up-to 2 hours from the time you enter the office and actually get to see the doctor. The time spent waiting versus actually spending time with the doctor is phenomenal. In addition, in today’s world most doctors are not connected to other institutions thereby needing endless paperwork and phone calls to confirm patient history from the primary care doctor.

Data Collection and Collection:

What data do I need? Need the following information:
1. Wait times daily for a period of two weeks to ensure that all anamolies are covered.
2. Time spent seeing the triage
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Reduce the inner wait. Patients don 't just wait in the reception area; they wait again in the exam room. Develop a system so the doctor knows when there is another patient waiting.
9. If the patient needs to be dilated doing it while they are waiting to see the doctor is more efficient instead of having them wait in the inner exam room doing the initial data collection about the visit and then dilating them.
10. Train the staff to be more aware off the time while the patient is waiting after being dilated. This will ensure the patient feels good about their experience.
11. Be flexible with your exam routine. Can you change your process on the fly and shift when some procedures are done in order to stay on schedule?
12. Checkout and scheduling future appointments should be quick and efficient. At this point, the patient usually really wants to leave. Streamline the process and don 't make patients stand around very long.
13. Call patients ahead of time and let them know if the doctor is running more than half an hour late.
14. Inter transfer of data between practices. Usually each practice that you visit or are referred to runs the same tests again because the patient is new. If the referral is within a three months then it makes sense to share the information so that unnecessary tests are

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