Paths of Learning

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Paths of Learning The paths of learning are different for all of us and this is how it should be. Hmm..., this is the part where we're supposed to come up with all of these wonderful thoughtful insights and make our professors think that we learned everything that we were supposed to. I'll try my best! First of all, I liked the fact that I've worked with Dr. Scott previously and there was not a lot of surprise with how to do the papers and assignments. I also liked that I got to expand on and feel really comfortable with the techniques used in the class. I like it when I don't have to guess if I'm doing something right or not. The way our four papers were designed this semester made them so easy to understand and it helped me tremendously in another class that required an essay. The free writes however I do not enjoy so much. I find that in some cases I learned less from the writings because I'm always looking for something to back up my point of views. Or, my life hectic enough and I feel like this is just busy work and it really annoys me. Maybe it is because I do not enjoy writing very much. I think that this fact shows in my work. In the beginning of the semester I am coming back from a rest and have forgotten all of the writing that is involved in some classes. I notice that it is mostly in the education and a few of the core classes that these thought provoking writings are stressed in. I'm glad that I am almost done these type of classes. By the end of the semester I feel like I'm getting a little snowed under and I start resenting the comment "about a page in response". I know that this is a great way to explore different thoughts and ideas in our writings but I still get this feeling nevertheless. Sometimes I think that we should be a little selective about what we are responding to and if we really want to explore the particular topic further or not. One passage that I found interesting and hit a point with me since I tend to follow what is being said and thought in the feminist circles is by Fromm285, para 8, "The polarity of the sexes is disappearing and with it erotic love".
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