Path Goal Theory In Retail

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In retail, the manager is the leader who sets the standards of how the store is to be run. The manager has to set goals, deal with problems, and make sure the staff knows their place in the organization. In many cases, a manager has to create a strategic plan that is designed with goals, tasks, and a vision of how the store should be. How a leader thinks is everything. A leader has to be positive, energetic, willing to take action in a moments notice, and write down specific goals for success. When a manager sets a goal, this is to motivate staff by setting a standard of what is to be accomplished in the store. Goals become dreams without action and that is what a manager is trying to achieve. In the path-goal theory, a leader’s behavior is based on what is best for employees and the work environment in order to achieve a certain goal, employee satisfaction and performance, and motivate employees. The path-goal theory was created by Robert J. House in 1971 and was influenced by the expectancy theory of motivation that was created in 1964 by Victor Vroom. In retail, motivation…show more content…
Goals are made as a way to help a company be competitive and stay relevant in their field. The theory managers have is to make sure the store as successful as possible in order to attain job security. The influence a manager has on staff is important for the success of all goals to be accomplished. A manager is the backbone of how well the employees are trained to do their jobs properly. It takes a team of people in order for any organization to be successful. True leadership is done by people who are motivated and focused to achieve greatness. A manager’s job is to ensure that all employees know their role in an organization and carry out the tasks given to them (Schriesheim, 1996). It is the influence and guidance of the leader that helps to learn, grow, and evolve to be great future
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