Paternalistic Leadership: The Characteristics Of A Paternalistic Leader

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3 The qualities of a paternalistic leader

The above delved into the elements of the framework and how the leadership style manages to convince subordinates to follow. In addition to understanding the framework, it’s also important to examine the qualities a paternalistic leader needs to succeed.
We’ll first examine the key characteristics a paternalistic leader must possess, before studying the best approach to generating trust and loyalty among subordinates.

The core characteristics

Paternalistic leadership is among the leadership styles that require plenty from the leader. The type of leader that can successfully pull of this management style has to showcase the characteristics of influence, the ability to empower people, compassion, decisiveness and good organisational skills.

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But how do you turn these qualities into trust and loyalty?
First, you need to establish clear guidelines regarding the workplace and the specific mission. It is essential the subordinates are aware of what is allowed and what is not.
Talk about the objectives with your subordinates to ensure they understand the common goal you are working towards. Provide them with the opportunity to voice any possible concerns and if they need help, provide enough support. You want the subordinates to feel appreciated and valued. If you guarantee they are aware of the task’s requirements, the procedures to accomplish the task, and have the tools at their disposal, they will be able to reach the targets while feeling valued.
Another important part of creating a paternalistic leadership framework is your commitment to consistency. You need to be able to follow through with your punishments and rewards in a manner that doesn’t start favouring certain people or groups. While employee wellbeing is at the top of your agenda, it doesn’t mean tough love isn’t occasionally required. Expect accountability and show
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